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Get scripts and tips on how not to be "That Guy" in the cold market

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Can you guess what is killing your progress in network marketing?
ByAdam and Michelle Carey May 17, 2017

__________ is Killing Your Progress

Hey World Changers, Freedom Fighters, and Mompreneurs! Can you guess what kills the progress of many people in network marketing? In the video

Business made with sledge hammer destroying the word fear
ByAdam and Michelle Carey Mar 7, 2017

CRUSH FEAR: The #1 Thing Holding You Back

What is the #1 thing holding you back in life, business or from pursuing your dreams? I recently polled my community on Facebook, and over 75%

Has Anyone Ever Told You, "You Can't Do It?" or "Network marketing doesn't work?" with picture of baby crying
ByAdam and Michelle Carey Feb 21, 2017

Has Anyone Ever Told You, “You Can’t Do It?”

I just finished one of my early freshman days of college and headed out to the parking lot to find my car.  As I approached the driver door I sa

Uncle Sam Pointing with the caption: Are You a Part of the You Economy Yet?
ByAdam and Michelle Carey Feb 8, 2017

Are You a Part of the You Economy Yet?

Hey World Changers! Are you participating in the You Economy yet? Chances are, if you are reading this, then the answer is yes. Or perhaps some

A guy surprised with the title Why Network Marketers Don't Get Referrals
ByAdam and Michelle Carey Jan 20, 2017

Why Network Marketers Don’t Get Referrals

When asking this question, why network marketers don't get referrals?  We don't mean that none get referrals (if that makes sense), but we have

girl holding a sparkler
ByAdam and Michelle Carey Jan 2, 2017

New Year – New Skills, What Will You Focus On This Year?

2017 is already blowing and going! Can you believe it? We are sure you spent some time reflecting on 2016. Did you make all the memories you w