__________ is Killing Your Progress

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

__________ is Killing Your Progress

Hey World Changers, Freedom Fighters, and Mompreneurs! Can you guess what kills the progress of many people in network marketing?

In the video, I talk about a revelation I have while trying to teach our daughter, Hannah how to use a toy she received from her Great Grandmother on her birthday. My interaction with our eager 3-year-old reminded me of the importance of adopting a certain mindset while you are in network marketing.

I’ve seen many talented people, with a whole lot of potential, struggle in network marketing simply because they refuse to let go of… drumroll please…pride and ego.

Now, perhaps my 3-year-old daughter doesn’t have pride and ego problems just yet, or maybe she does. She just refused to allow me to teach her how to use her fishing pole. She became more and more frustrated, and yet, still refused to listen to my instruction. Does this at all sound familiar to you?

Do you have people on your team come to you, frustrated? They ask for coaching, you give it to them but they still choose to do it their own way. There’s a certain term for this, and that’s coach-ability. Are you a coachable person and are the people you spend your time with on your team coachable? If you answered no to at least one of those options, network marketing is going to be one big up-hill struggle for you.

If you are with a company with leaders that have experience, and a track record to back it up, then my suggestion is to follow the systems they already have in place because they are proven. If you want your network marketing career to be twice as hard and take twice as long to get momentum, then go ahead and follow the toot of your own horn.

I get it though, because when I first started my career in network marketing and learned the company’s system, I thought it was way too simple and there had to be a catch. So I created my own systems to make it more “professional-feeling” aka, I made it more complicated. My team could not duplicate what I was doing, therefore I was creating an environment that would simply not allow momentum. I therefore decided it was better to swallow my pride and start making money, rather than look cool and be broke.

If you’re a leader, who is working with anyone who refuses to follow the system, my suggestion is to move them from the “Personal Time” category to the “Group Time” category and keep searching for people who are willing to push their ego and pride to the side and follow the system.

Enjoy the video…



Cheers To Your Freedom,


on Behalf of Adam and Michelle Carey

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

CRUSH FEAR: The #1 Thing Holding You Back

What is the #1 thing holding you back in life, business or from pursuing your dreams?

I recently polled my community on Facebook, and over 75% of the people that responded said some element of FEAR was the #1 obstacle.

FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

You are probably familiar with that acronym. The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of what people think and even the fear of looking silly we’re some of the most common responses.

Actually, before posting this question, I already knew how the majority of people would respond. How did I know that? Because with nine years of network marketing experience and thousands of conversations, I’ve watched fear paralyze and steal more dreams than failure ever could.

Most people think they need more information to be successful but information is not the missing link. If information were the key to success, we would all be filthy rich, with six-pack abs cruising on our yacht from island to island.

The beauty of today’s Information Age is information is so readily available to all of us. We can easily find the answer in books written by experts on Amazon or Audible, watch videos on YouTube, listen to podcasts, and read blogs. Information and the answers to our questions are everywhere!

Again, the problem is never the lack of information. The problem is people want to learn, learn, and learn some more and lack the courage to execute on what they have learned. If this sounds like something you or your team is running into, then keep reading because we have a solution!

What would life look like for you and your team if fear no longer dictated decisions? Wouldn’t that be a life of total freedom? Michelle and I believe that not only is it possible, it’s part of your assignment because we can never fulfill our God given potential and step into our destiny if we’re bound by fear.

We call define this lifestyle as “Living Bulletproof.”

If we know that FEAR is the #1 dream stealer, what can we do to crush that fear and move forward to live a bulletproof life?

We believe there are two keys to living a bulletproof life and I share it on the video below. I recently gave a talk to a group of entrepreneurs on these two vital keys that will allow you to live and walk out a bulletproof life.

Everything you ever wanted is outside your comfort zone. Let’s go on a journey together to crush this lies of fear so you can be all that we were created to be!

Cheers To Your Freedom,


On Behalf of Adam and Michelle Carey


ByAdam and Michelle Carey

Has Anyone Ever Told You, “You Can’t Do It?”

I just finished one of my early freshman days of college and headed out to the parking lot to find my car.  As I approached the driver door I saw something on my windshield… “Oh no!” I thought, “Not another ticket!”  Tuned out, it was not a ticket, just some tiny white flyer. I quickly tossed on the seat next to me before driving off. The next day during my 30 minute commute to school I noticed the flyer still sitting on the seat next to me. I picked it up at a stop sign and it read: 

“Make $300-$500 Part Time Every Week!” 

Now, to be honest, I wasn’t that excited about the information on the flyer but I was bored and it was early, so I decided to call the phone number to pass the time.  It was that call when I was introduced to network marketing, and it was that year that I faced more rejection in my life than ever before because I joined a network marketing company.

What is it about the world that loves to tear you down when you’re the most excited about something?  I was only 18 and the rejection hurt, especially from family.  I heard; those things don’t work, it can’t be done nobody makes money in those things.. yada yada yada. Has Anyone Ever Told You, “You Can’t Do It?”

When was the last time you heard you couldn’t something? Did it fire you up? Did you want to prove them wrong? Or perhaps it discouraged you from moving forward. 

We probably all have heard those comments several times over the years. Heck, maybe you even encountered one of those negative Dream Destroyers today. If you have, don’t worry you’re not alone.

I was recently inspired by a friend of ours who completed a goal in record time. The best part about her story was that she didn’t even know she set a record. She simply set the goal based upon what she thought was possible, and not what others told her she could do. 

She also worked her tail off and make it happen (With some supernatural help that you can hear more about in the video). Our good friend is not a network marketer but her story inspired me and gave me a fresh hope for dreams that sometimes seem impossible (I share more about her in the video).  

When someone accomplishes something the experts say can’t be done, it releases hope and encourages others of what’s ACTUALLY possible.  There is always a first for everything and in 1954 a man named Roger Bannister did something experts said was impossible. He broke the 4 minute mile. Experts claimed the human body physically could not accomplish such a feat. So, while most athletes didn’t try, Roger Bannister ignored the noise, visualized the goal and worked hard to break the barrier. 

What’s interesting is in the history of the world, up until May 6th 1954 no one else had ever broke the 4 minute mile (That we know of). Just 46 days after Bannister broke the record a man named John Landry broke Bannister’s new record time.

Coincidence? I don’t think so! I personally believe it’s forerunners like Bannister  that release hope to others that encourages them to believe, “If they can do it, I can do it too!” Since 1954, I believe 100’s if not 1,000’s of people have run a 4 minute mile.

The beautiful thing about our profession of Network Marketing is we have so many successful leaders like a Roger Bannister to look to, learn from and say “If they can do it, I can do it too.”

I recently talked about this on Facebook Live and gave 3 points to think about the next time you set a big goal that might cause people to say “You can’t do it!” 

Enjoy the video! 



ByAdam and Michelle Carey

Are You a Part of the You Economy Yet?

Hey World Changers!

Are you participating in the You Economy yet? Chances are, if you are reading this, then the answer is yes. Or perhaps someone lovingly gave you this article, so you can learn about one of the largest economic shifts we will see in our lifetime. 

It’s no secret that times have changed, technology is advancing and the economy continues to adjust to the world’s demands.  If you have ever shared a ride in your car, a room in your house, sold something on eBay or perhaps hired someone for online work, you have played a role in the new You Economy. 

The You Economy is getting a lot of buzz in many of the media outlets lately. Major publications such as Success Magazine, USA Today and Direct Selling News are all talking about this new economy.

Major publications such as USA Today are talking about the You Economy.

So what is the driving force behind this economic shift?

Well, let’s look at a few factors: more and more people are realizing one job will not cover all of their living expenses. The cost of living continues to rise and jobs that were once held by a human are now replaced with technology.  Thousands upon thousands around the world are going into massive educational debt, with slim job prospects upon graduation.

Now, if you know Adam and I, you know that we are not “doom and gloom” people, but if are are honest and we look at the facts, this is what is happening in our world right now. Just like how the industrial age has come and gone, we are witnessing yet another economic and cultural shift.

The You Economy is the age of becoming an independent contractor. You call the shots: work when you want, on what you want and many times, you get to choose with whom you want. 

Adam recently shared on a Facebook Live the 3 advantages that network marketing has over the other You Economy opportunities. A perfect storm is brewing. More people will be open to the idea of entrepreneurship than ever, and when we can educate these new entrepreneurial minds on the benefits of network marketing versus the other You Economy Choices, we can massively add the network marketing work force. 

If you are not yet involved we would encourage you to investigate more. In the video Adam will recommend a resource that will help hopeful entrepreneurs make an educated decision. Our goal is not to “Con-Vince” you, but to simply educate you more before making a decision. 

Welcome to the You Economy, are you participating yet?


Cheers To Your Freedom,
Adam and Michelle Carey

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

Why Network Marketers Don’t Get Referrals

When asking this question, why network marketers don’t get referrals?  We don’t mean that none get referrals (if that makes sense), but we have found that many network marketers make these two common mistakes that prevent people from wanting to open up their network to them.

What do you think these mistakes are? Is it that we are not specific enough in telling people what an ideal referral is? Or is it that we simply do not ask for the referral? These two points are true, in the fact that these are also reasons why network marketers don’t get referrals.

Recently, Adam and I each had an experience that gave us a lightbulb moment. We realized that this is a common mistake that will scare people away from referring people. In the video, we talk about people either losing confidence or gaining confidence to refer through their own experience in being exposed to your business. It’s all about how they feel while you are “guiding them through your system”.

We also admit that we have been guilty of making these two mistakes. We are also guilty of teaching these methods to our teams. Experience has made us so much wiser. We believe that these two mistakes stem from the pressure within network marketing to rank advance fast, bonus fast, go full-time fast. Everything we do has a pressure of doing it FAST. Sometimes, this pressure causes network marketers to treat people like numbers.

We must always remember that being respectful of the relationship and treating people, like, people is the most important thing to remind ourselves when we work our businesses. Network marketing allows us to help people more than any other industry, and when helping people is the center of your motives, people will trust you and bring referrals to you.

Enjoy the video!

Cheers To Your Freedom,

Adam and Michelle Carey

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

New Year – New Skills, What Will You Focus On This Year?

2017 is already blowing and going! Can you believe it?

We are sure you spent some time reflecting on 2016. Did you make all the memories you wanted to make? Did you reach your goals?

Before Christmas week, Adam and I had a Facebook Live Mini Series on Goal Setting (See the links below to watch the mini series broadcasts. Were you able to watch those and get your 2017 goals written down on paper or in a journal?

We have one journal, where we write all of our goals every year, and during new years, when we are formulating the next set of goals, we are able to see which ones were right on target and which goals we missed. Having one journal is helpful for reflecting, because you can see your improvement year over year.

Many times, we do not give ourselves enough credit for the progress we make inside of a year, but if you are able to turn back the pages to see how far you have come within the last several years, you actually can start to feel really satisfied.

I have heard Tony Robbins say several times, “We often overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in a decade.”


In the following Facebook Live Broadcasts, we talk about goal setting.

So, do you know what you will focus on this year? In one of the broadcasts, we talk about how to figure out the one skill that will unlock all of your goals. This way, you are not trying to work on too many things, rather you are intensively focusing on the one skill that will allow you to reach the majority of your goals.

How to reflect on your year before you create goals for 2017 CLICK HERE TO WATCH 

How to reflect on your year before your set next year's goals. Facebook Live from Adam and Michelle Carey


Setting goals that stretch but are not overwhelming CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Set goals that stretch instead of overwhelm. Facebook Live Broadcast from Adam and Michelle Carey


We would love to come along in your journey to help you achieve your goals this year. To help us map out this year’s training content, can you take a moment and complete this short questionnaire?

We have a sense of which direction to go, but your answers will help us get confirmation.

This questionnaire can also help you get clarity, if you will be completely honest with yourself. ***All answers will be strictly confidential and you can do it anonymously.


Thank you so much and we are really looking forward to helping you crush your goals this year!

Cheers To Your Freedom,


On Behalf of Adam and Michelle Carey

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

Do you have excuses? Great! You can still promote to greatness…

At some time in our network marketing careers, we all have doubt and excuses creep into our minds. Perhaps doubt came over you in the beginning, when the uphill battle is at its toughest. You’re learning something new, making mistakes and getting rejection. Or maybe, doubt came in years later, when you were working hard toward your next promotion and you feel like you’re inching your way towards that goal, when you should be taking greater leaps.

To be honest, we have had the insidious spirit of doubt creep into our minds, even years later. We create excuses around those doubtful thoughts. We need to be mindful of when this happens, and we do have the power to extinguish these thoughts from our minds, but the best news of all is, as long as you’re willing to move past your excuses, God can still redeem your dreams and use you in amazing ways.

We know that this is a battle that all people are fighting, and if you are not fighting this battle, perhaps it is a sign that you may not be taking enough risk in your life. You may be comfortable instead of working towards greater dreams (just saying). If you are in an uncomfortable season, that is a sign that you are allowing yourself to get in environments of growth.

Many of you are working towards achieving greatness, and that is why we are extremely excited about the new series we just kicked off today. We named the series Modern Day Underdogs and we are doing a book study on God of the Underdogs by Matt Keller.

Here are the excuses that Matt dives into in his book: Do you have excuses, these in particular?

I’m not qualified enough

My past is too bad

My reputation is to scarred

My dream is too radical

Nobody recognizes my potential

I’m not connected to the right people

My resources are too scarce

My chances are too slim

I’m insecure

Can we just be real right now? We all have had at least one of these excuses. For me, I think at some point in our journey, I have thought every single one of these thoughts. On top of the book study, we will relate each chapter to your network marketing journey and we will share the story of a modern-day underdog that is now wildly successful.

Here is today’s Facebook Live replay, where we kick off the series and dive into the first chapter: I’m not qualified enough.

We will dissect one chapter Monday thru Thursday (Off for Wednesday and Thursday this week for Thanksgiving) at 4pm Pacific.

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CLICK HERE to join our private Facebook group: Your Journey to Success, for more interaction and personal development accountability.

Enjoy your week, Happy Thanksgiving to you if we do not see you on Facebook Live (We sure hope to see you! Introduce yourself when you get on).

Cheers To Your Freedom,

Adam and Michelle Carey

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

4 Steps To Get Out of That Funk

The other day, Adam and I found ourselves in a real funky mood. Which is rare that both of us were feeling this way at the same time. Most of the time, one of us is in the correct state of mind to at least support and uplift the other person.

If I were to be completely honest, most of the time, I, Michelle Carey, am the one with the bad attitude. Often times, Adam comes to try to be the sunshine, and yes, most of the time I snap out of it, but there are certain times, I just want to stab him in the neck for trying to be the “bright side.” Okay, so maybe that is harsh, and in a way, I just wrote it for your entertainment.

So, anyway, this particular day, it was hard to get motivated to do anything. We both noticed how we were feeling and the time was running down to go do our Facebook Live (which we do Monday thru Thursday at 4pm pacific). We are committed to our audience to keep with our schedule, but it was so hard to get in the right frame of mind to be able to deliver up to par.

Excellence is always important to us, because we want to be respectful of everyone’s time. The last thing we wanted to do was a bad Facebook Live, with a half-hearted attempt. We did 4 Steps To Get Out of That Funk, it worked instantly and now we want to share it with you.

I am going to briefly describe each step, and if you want more meat, I uploaded the recording to our Facebook Live.

Step 1: Pause and Change Your Environment

If you are in a funk, the last thing you should do is get on a call to invite someone to take a look at your business. If you are not excited, people will sense that and you will more likely do more harm than good. Give yourself permission to take a moment, walk away from your desk, and even step outside for some fresh air. If you are really in a funk, take a walk.

Step 2: Reflect

Ask yourself why you are feeling this way and be honest. What triggered this emotion? Did you compare yourself to someone further than you? Did you get emotionally attached to a prospect and they said no to your business? Knowing yourself and what triggers these moods is important, because you must face these triggers head on. Avoidance and denial will always give more power to the negative and take away your power to change. I share about my struggle with comparison. I know it is something I need to stop doing, and I am improving everyday.

Step 3: Gratitude

Now ask yourself what is going right that you are thankful for. No matter who you are, there is always something that you can find. A friend of ours was diagnosed and miraculously healed from Lyme Disease. He made a promise to always find something each morning to be thankful for. Some mornings, the pain was so great, that when he tried to pull himself out of bed and he would be leaning forward, looking down at his feet, the only thing he could say to himself is, “I’m thankful that I have toes.” He attributes much of his miraculous healing to his gratitude.

Step 4: Take a New Action

When you’re in a funk, its hard to take action, but it is easier when that action you are taking is exciting and new for you. Having something to look forward to gives you hope, and it makes you take action more than if you didn’t have something to look forward to. I once heard of an interesting study some scientists did with rats. I must warn you, if you love animals, like I do, you may not like what you are about to read.

There were two groups of rats that were placed into containers of water. They wanted to test how long the rats would swim before they died. The first group of rats were set into the water and not taken out. The second group of rats were put into the container, made to swim for a while, taken out for just a moment, and then put back in.

The rats who were taken out for a moment, swam twice as long as the rats who were never taken out. Now, you may attribute it to them being able to rest, but they were not given any time to rest at all. They were just taken out and shown that there was a possibility of survival. The rats who swam twice as long were able to do so because of hope.

Yes, I know right? These poor rats! It is interesting how much hope plays into our motivation to continue. If you are in a funk, perhaps in a way, you feel hopeless? If so, it is time to shake things up and add something new and exciting to your business building routine.


We have a great idea for you….

In the video, we suggest that you go out to some business networking events or mixers. Adam and I realized that it had been quite some time since we had gone to a business networking events, and we also realize that you may not be utilizing them in your business building activities.

Do you want entrepreneurial minded people on your team? Do you want people who are self-motivated and understand investing in themselves? Then you need to fish where the fish are. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT…


It’s a perfect time to get out and start rubbing shoulders with professionals. Many groups and chambers are having their holiday mixers in the coming weeks. We want to prepare you as much as possible, so we are having The Art of Business Networking free webinar for you on Monday, November 14th at 10am Pacific.

Our special guest is Derek Fox, founder of The Business Networking Formula. He will teach you everything you need to know to crush it at these events. Everything from what not to do, to the questions you can keep in your back pocket to have great conversations (This is really good if you are intimidated to go have conversations with “strangers”).

CLICK HERE to learn more and reserve your spot. Even if you cannot make it, if you register, you will instantly get the replay emailed to you once the webinar is finished.

Here is the Facebook Live replay, if you want to dig deeper into this topic…

We hope to see you on the webinar on Monday!

Cheers To Your Freedom,

Adam and Michelle Carey

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

Facebook Live and Network Marketing – Simple Tips To Get Started Right Now

There is an ever-changing landscape in the business world, and if you are in network marketing, the changing business landscape will definitely effect you.

There are two schools of thought in network marketing. On one side, there are people who believe in the “Belly To Belly” approach to building the business: which are one-on-ones, networking, cold market prospecting, home meetings and hotel meetings.

On the other side, there is the “Technology and Social Networks” approach to building a business, which utilizes all the social networks to meet people and introduce them to your products and opportunity through webinars and live broadcasts.

Adam and I are of the belief that you need both to become successful in network marketing. To pay homage to the Old-School, Belly-to-Belly approach, network marketing is still driven by relationships. More often than not, people join you because they know, like and trust you. People stick with you because of the community and fellowship that you provide. I have seen many people stick through the tough times in network marketing just because of the positive and affirming environments they find themselves in. I know that is one of the reasons why we fell in love with network marketing. If there were only computer screens and messages as a means for relationship, I believe we would have quit within our first 6 months.

Richard Bliss Brooke said something really profound in recent interview. To summarize his point, he was comparing sponsoring a new person with dating. He explained how relationships can only go so far if you only use technology as a means for communicating. That was profound, and we will circle back to this point, since your business will grow in other states and countries and traveling may not be in the cards yet.

On the other hand, we cannot miss out on the abilities that technology offers us. As a new mom, I want to be at home with my daughter more, so being out at a meeting every night is not attractive to me. In order to adapt, we do more live video webinars with our team. They are great because it allows us to do presentations in the comfort of our own homes. We’ve been able to build relationships with people in other countries through video chat platforms like Zoom and Skype. It is important, that when you are utilizing technology to build your business, you use platforms that allow people to feel like they are personally getting to know you.

Our favorite form is Live Video. There are people we follow via Live video, and we feel like we know them personally. More than the ones that just provide information with a written word or picture quotes they post.

So, let’s talk about Facebook Live in particular. Below you will see the interview with Jessica Winnett, who is the gal that introduced and trained us in Live Broadcast.


In the video, you will learn how to:

1.) Start Facebook Live without having a business page or fan page. We know you are busy and you may not want to start building a business page yet. The point is, you want to just start broadcasting live as soon as possible.

Since you are broadcasting on your personal page and not a dedicated business page, we recommend your broadcasts not only be business related. The benefit of having a dedicated business page is that you can mostly talk about all topics related to your business, since the people who follow your page expect it. However, it is different with your personal page, since people are following you because of friendship. Jessica will give you tips on how to do this correctly.

2.) How to overcome the negative self talk and doubt that keeps you from live video. Have you ever said to yourself, “What if i mess up, who would watch my video or I need to be more successful first…”

3.) We also talk about the do’s and don’ts of Facebook Live and Network Marketing. Facebook live is powerful if you have a network marketing business, but only if you do it right. If it is done incorrectly, your audience will start to disappear.

Enjoy the video!


Also, here are the links to last week’s Facebook Live broadcasts. If you are new to the conversation, our series is an interactive book study on Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing – The 21 Common Mistakes That Will Label You as “That Guy”.


Monday, October 24th: The Bait and Slam and Negative Nancy and Poor Me Paul: How to deal with negative people on your team CLICK HERE to watch Facebook Live. 

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If you are not a part of our private Facebook Group, and you would like more interaction and accountability, CLICK HERE TO JOIN. 

Cheers To Your Freedom,

Adam and Michelle Carey

PS: Would you like a guide on how to make your videos look professional on your smart phone? There are a few tweaks that you can make so your videos are nicely lit, not jittery and your face doesn’t take up the whole screen. If your videos look good, your credibility goes through the roof.

Download our guide: Smart Phone Video Marketing Fast Track, by clicking here.






ByAdam and Michelle Carey

From Mess to Massive Success: Interview with Robert Hollis

Often times, when we see someone reach the upper echelons of success, we cannot help but think that they were struck with the lucky stick, or they were destined for greatness. We tend to think that they did not experience the struggles that we are going through. That somehow, they have the “Midas Touch”.

For these very reasons, Adam and I set out to interview some of the most successful people in network marketing. Instead of focusing on what they did right, we decided to have them share the times they did it wrong.

We want to dispel the myths that successful people rise to the top with an air of perfection. You see, when we make mistakes, we sometimes begin to think that we will never be able to share the stage with the top income earners. We dismiss ourselves as not gifted for the profession.

Robert Hollis is a legend in network marketing. More than 46 documented millionaires in network marketing look to this man as their personal mentor.

Wow! It would be easy to think that Robert was born for network marketing, and that he is just a gifted person, who knew exactly how to build a successful business. Robert is truly gifted, but he had to fail his way to success. Perhaps this is why Robert is such an effective leader, he has trudged through the journey where he experienced the storms in the valley. He can relate to all of us, who are finding our way in our own journeys. He can say with experience that it will not always be easy, but it is sure worth it.

In the interview, you will discover that he had his share of struggles in the beginning stages of his network marketing career. Robert was blindly following tactics that the leadership was telling him to do, and he was not getting any results. I am sure many of us can relate. Be ready with pen and paper, because he is going to pour out massive value. Best of all, be ready to have a good time and laugh, because Robert is not only about “telling it like it is,” but he brings a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere to his teachings.


Before we let you go, here are the links to last week’s Facebook Live Broadcasts for our second interactive book study.


Monday, October 17th: The Sneak Attack MLMer and The Secret Agent: What do you say/do when someone asks, “Is this one of those things?” CLICK HERE to watch Facebook Live. 

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Tuesday, October 18th: The Lack Listener and The Motor Mouth: Could this be the reason why people don’t join your business? CLICK HERE.

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Wednesday, October 19th: The Social Media Spammer, The “Oh By The Way” Phone Caller and The Long Winded Writer: New social media info that is not in the book! CLICK HERE

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If you are not a part of our private Facebook Group, and you would like more interaction and accountability, CLICK HERE TO JOIN. 


Cheers To Your Freedom,

Adam and Michelle Carey

PS: Do you have our book, Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing? Would you like to test drive it with a free chapter: The Social Media Spammer? If so, CLICK HERE to get access to the chapter.