Are You a Part of the You Economy Yet?

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

Are You a Part of the You Economy Yet?

Hey World Changers!

Are you participating in the You Economy yet? Chances are, if you are reading this, then the answer is yes. Or perhaps someone lovingly gave you this article, so you can learn about one of the largest economic shifts we will see in our lifetime. 

It’s no secret that times have changed, technology is advancing and the economy continues to adjust to the world’s demands.  If you have ever shared a ride in your car, a room in your house, sold something on eBay or perhaps hired someone for online work, you have played a role in the new You Economy. 

The You Economy is getting a lot of buzz in many of the media outlets lately. Major publications such as Success Magazine, USA Today and Direct Selling News are all talking about this new economy.

Major publications such as USA Today are talking about the You Economy.

So what is the driving force behind this economic shift?

Well, let’s look at a few factors: more and more people are realizing one job will not cover all of their living expenses. The cost of living continues to rise and jobs that were once held by a human are now replaced with technology.  Thousands upon thousands around the world are going into massive educational debt, with slim job prospects upon graduation.

Now, if you know Adam and I, you know that we are not “doom and gloom” people, but if are are honest and we look at the facts, this is what is happening in our world right now. Just like how the industrial age has come and gone, we are witnessing yet another economic and cultural shift.

The You Economy is the age of becoming an independent contractor. You call the shots: work when you want, on what you want and many times, you get to choose with whom you want. 

Adam recently shared on a Facebook Live the 3 advantages that network marketing has over the other You Economy opportunities. A perfect storm is brewing. More people will be open to the idea of entrepreneurship than ever, and when we can educate these new entrepreneurial minds on the benefits of network marketing versus the other You Economy Choices, we can massively add the network marketing work force. 

If you are not yet involved we would encourage you to investigate more. In the video Adam will recommend a resource that will help hopeful entrepreneurs make an educated decision. Our goal is not to “Con-Vince” you, but to simply educate you more before making a decision. 

Welcome to the You Economy, are you participating yet?


Cheers To Your Freedom,
Adam and Michelle Carey

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