New Year – New Skills, What Will You Focus On This Year?

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

New Year – New Skills, What Will You Focus On This Year?

2017 is already blowing and going! Can you believe it?

We are sure you spent some time reflecting on 2016. Did you make all the memories you wanted to make? Did you reach your goals?

Before Christmas week, Adam and I had a Facebook Live Mini Series on Goal Setting (See the links below to watch the mini series broadcasts. Were you able to watch those and get your 2017 goals written down on paper or in a journal?

We have one journal, where we write all of our goals every year, and during new years, when we are formulating the next set of goals, we are able to see which ones were right on target and which goals we missed. Having one journal is helpful for reflecting, because you can see your improvement year over year.

Many times, we do not give ourselves enough credit for the progress we make inside of a year, but if you are able to turn back the pages to see how far you have come within the last several years, you actually can start to feel really satisfied.

I have heard Tony Robbins say several times, “We often overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in a decade.”


In the following Facebook Live Broadcasts, we talk about goal setting.

So, do you know what you will focus on this year? In one of the broadcasts, we talk about how to figure out the one skill that will unlock all of your goals. This way, you are not trying to work on too many things, rather you are intensively focusing on the one skill that will allow you to reach the majority of your goals.

How to reflect on your year before you create goals for 2017 CLICK HERE TO WATCH 

How to reflect on your year before your set next year's goals. Facebook Live from Adam and Michelle Carey


Setting goals that stretch but are not overwhelming CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Set goals that stretch instead of overwhelm. Facebook Live Broadcast from Adam and Michelle Carey


We would love to come along in your journey to help you achieve your goals this year. To help us map out this year’s training content, can you take a moment and complete this short questionnaire?

We have a sense of which direction to go, but your answers will help us get confirmation.

This questionnaire can also help you get clarity, if you will be completely honest with yourself. ***All answers will be strictly confidential and you can do it anonymously.


Thank you so much and we are really looking forward to helping you crush your goals this year!

Cheers To Your Freedom,


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