Has Anyone Ever Told You, “You Can’t Do It?”

ByAdam and Michelle Carey

Has Anyone Ever Told You, “You Can’t Do It?”

I just finished one of my early freshman days of college and headed out to the parking lot to find my car.  As I approached the driver door I saw something on my windshield… “Oh no!” I thought, “Not another ticket!”  Tuned out, it was not a ticket, just some tiny white flyer. I quickly tossed on the seat next to me before driving off. The next day during my 30 minute commute to school I noticed the flyer still sitting on the seat next to me. I picked it up at a stop sign and it read: 

“Make $300-$500 Part Time Every Week!” 

Now, to be honest, I wasn’t that excited about the information on the flyer but I was bored and it was early, so I decided to call the phone number to pass the time.  It was that call when I was introduced to network marketing, and it was that year that I faced more rejection in my life than ever before because I joined a network marketing company.

What is it about the world that loves to tear you down when you’re the most excited about something?  I was only 18 and the rejection hurt, especially from family.  I heard; those things don’t work, it can’t be done nobody makes money in those things.. yada yada yada. Has Anyone Ever Told You, “You Can’t Do It?”

When was the last time you heard you couldn’t something? Did it fire you up? Did you want to prove them wrong? Or perhaps it discouraged you from moving forward. 

We probably all have heard those comments several times over the years. Heck, maybe you even encountered one of those negative Dream Destroyers today. If you have, don’t worry you’re not alone.

I was recently inspired by a friend of ours who completed a goal in record time. The best part about her story was that she didn’t even know she set a record. She simply set the goal based upon what she thought was possible, and not what others told her she could do. 

She also worked her tail off and make it happen (With some supernatural help that you can hear more about in the video). Our good friend is not a network marketer but her story inspired me and gave me a fresh hope for dreams that sometimes seem impossible (I share more about her in the video).  

When someone accomplishes something the experts say can’t be done, it releases hope and encourages others of what’s ACTUALLY possible.  There is always a first for everything and in 1954 a man named Roger Bannister did something experts said was impossible. He broke the 4 minute mile. Experts claimed the human body physically could not accomplish such a feat. So, while most athletes didn’t try, Roger Bannister ignored the noise, visualized the goal and worked hard to break the barrier. 

What’s interesting is in the history of the world, up until May 6th 1954 no one else had ever broke the 4 minute mile (That we know of). Just 46 days after Bannister broke the record a man named John Landry broke Bannister’s new record time.

Coincidence? I don’t think so! I personally believe it’s forerunners like Bannister  that release hope to others that encourages them to believe, “If they can do it, I can do it too!” Since 1954, I believe 100’s if not 1,000’s of people have run a 4 minute mile.

The beautiful thing about our profession of Network Marketing is we have so many successful leaders like a Roger Bannister to look to, learn from and say “If they can do it, I can do it too.”

I recently talked about this on Facebook Live and gave 3 points to think about the next time you set a big goal that might cause people to say “You can’t do it!” 

Enjoy the video! 



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DonaldPosted on  2:27 pm - Feb 21, 2017

Great life post Adam. Very inspirational

DavePosted on  3:23 pm - Feb 21, 2017

Great words to live by as well as inspiration! Thanks!

Patricia TrolioPosted on  6:11 pm - Feb 21, 2017

Thanks for the thoughts

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