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Allow us to train your consultants network marketing etiquette. Would you agree that these are the challenges network marketing companies face?

  • Negative image perceived by the public
  • Consultants representing the company wrong
  • High turnover in the field
  • Unproductive consultants

We Believe We Have The Solution

Our training “Don’t Be That Guy In Network Marketing” will teach your consultants network marketing etiquette in a simple, entertaining and value packed way. We not only go over the “Don’ts” of network marketing, we train them on several “Do’s” that will ensure they are operating their business as a true professional.

When they learn network marketing etiquette they will:
  • Experience less rejection, therefore they will become more productive
  • Be able to represent your company professionally
  • Increase their own profits, thus increasing profits for the company
  • Be able to improve the image of network marketing as a profession

You may be saying to yourself, “Why hire Adam and Michelle, when we can train on network marketing etiquette in house?” We have several real-life stories of us making “That Guy” mistakes. They can relate to us, and we can teach them exactly what they need to do to look more professional.

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